The Most Expensive Mobile Home Park in California

$2.4 million. That is the price of a mobile home being sold in California right now. Yes you’re reading that right. $2.4 million dollars is what you can sell a mobile home for and it is not alone. That home has neighbors with homes that rival and even exceed it right in the same community. You will find these homes in the most expensive mobile home community known. This blog is about Paradise Cove and what it’s all about.

You may love mobile homes in San Diego or would never leave some of the mobile home parks in San Luis Obispo but that may all change if Paradise Cove was an option. Paradise cove is a community that is located on the beach of Malibu. Yes, that Malibu. That community puts you a few feet from the sand touching your feet from the front door. This community is known for its high prices for manufactured homes that dwarf some homes being sold in the state. It is also home to some of the most famous people in the world. Filled with people making getaway homes and permanent residents out of those luxury mobile homes. 

This place is not a recent discovery. This community was actually first built in the 50’s. It was housed to fisherman picking up their trailers and moving them to where the work is. Also a great destination for people looking for a great camping spot. This location was known to have more than 100 trailers during that time. Through the years owners came and went and people from all over started hearing about it but that didn’t change the community. This community still has its laid back atmosphere like the fisherman created no matter the people who decide to take up residence. 

Now with 265 mobile homes there is no change to the laid back community which was first established way back when. The owners have no plans of adding more area so that means no new trailers in the foreseeable future. So if you ever get a chance to live in this amazing community you try your best to live there because it sounds like there is nothing but good times there. 

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