The Most Expensive Mobile Home Park in California

$2.4 million. That is the price of a mobile home being sold in California right now. Yes you’re reading that right. $2.4 million dollars is what you can sell a mobile home for and it is not alone. That home has neighbors with homes that rival and even exceed it right in the same community. You will find these homes in the most expensive mobile home community known. This blog is about Paradise Cove and what it’s all about.

You may love mobile homes in San Diego or would never leave some of the mobile home parks in San Luis Obispo but that may all change if Paradise Cove was an option. Paradise cove is a community that is located on the beach of Malibu. Yes, that Malibu. That community puts you a few feet from the sand touching your feet from the front door. This community is known for its high prices for manufactured homes that dwarf some homes being sold in the state. It is also home to some of the most famous people in the world. Filled with people making getaway homes and permanent residents out of those luxury mobile homes. 

This place is not a recent discovery. This community was actually first built in the 50’s. It was housed to fisherman picking up their trailers and moving them to where the work is. Also a great destination for people looking for a great camping spot. This location was known to have more than 100 trailers during that time. Through the years owners came and went and people from all over started hearing about it but that didn’t change the community. This community still has its laid back atmosphere like the fisherman created no matter the people who decide to take up residence. 

Now with 265 mobile homes there is no change to the laid back community which was first established way back when. The owners have no plans of adding more area so that means no new trailers in the foreseeable future. So if you ever get a chance to live in this amazing community you try your best to live there because it sounds like there is nothing but good times there. 

What Creates the Negative Stigma

Mobile homes have some of the most affordable housing in the world. You can get a lot of space with the purchase of your own mobile home which can rival the quality of stick built homes. Some people even prefer to look for trailer lots for rent but the majority of people stay far away. Why is this? Why do people prefer to spend money on stick built houses when you can get the same quality living in a mobile home that’s half the price. The answer is the stigma and how negative it is.

For starters, the name mobile home is one of the more known names of this type of housing. But one that is more known is trailers and trailer parks. When you think of trailer parks what is the first thing that comes to your mind? For most people they think of hillbillies, or people wearing old white tank tops smoking a cigarette. They think of drug dealers, parole veterans and other individuals that inhabit the 99%. This is understandable why this is the case because trailers were not always surrounded by the best people. When housing started becoming more affordable and families began to get more money trailer homes started to become less inhabited by the best of our country and more of people who are just getting by. Over the years as mobile homes became more and more upgraded it drastically changed and even our most affluent citizens live in mobile homes. But in the beginning that is what a lot of people saw and equated to bad people and trailer park citizens even had slang terms made up about them. Then this vision became mainstream as the media and movies began to sculpt characters in the same vein as this false vision of trailer park inhibitors. This narrative was pushed throughout the years as time went on but in the last few years things started to change.

As time moved on communities began to clean up their act and push their inhabitants to be better. Screening processes became more rigorous and it wasn’t as easy as just showing up with money. Also the use of mobile homes started changing where they turned back into the old form. Used as getaway homes and vacation spots. People started making small destinations out of their mobile homes and using things like AirBnB to sell them as anyone’s vacation rental. Then with the advancement in technology people began to downsizing buying these manufactured homes and putting the best appliances inside making them all they will ever need.

So yes, the stigma from long ago was real and is still around. Not every mobile home community is safe and filled with the best people but we can say the same about stick built neighborhoods as well. With innovators changing the way we live and the affluent downsizing and making the less is more phase real that stigma will surely go away. 

Keeping your Mobile Home Warm

How to keep your Mobile Home Warm in the winter

If you’re interested in living in a mobile estates mobile home park or mobile estates where it gets really cold in winter, here are some useful tips to ensure your mobile home will be comfortable and cozy when the nights get cold.

1. Work on the Insulation

All of the heating appliances and systems perform better when the house is fully insulated. Sealing the leaks in doors, windows, walls and floors should be a priority. Around 25 percent of heat is lost from the roof, this can be reduced by installing 25 centimeters of insulation.

2. Install Weatherproof Windows

Windows dissipate heat from the house, therefore, before winter arrives it’s recommended to weatherstrip the windows. Rubber, foam tape, and/or window films are popular weatherproofing solutions for mobile homes. Good double or triple glazing can help reduce heat loss by almost half. This can lower your electricity consumption required to power the heating appliances in your mobile home. 

3. Thermal Curtains 

After done with your window treatment, make use of shades, blinds, and shutters to prevent loss of heat through the windows. Curtains and blinds can help, thermal curtains are the best option for keeping the heat inside. Thermal curtains come cheaper as well as more luxurious with better-heavier fabric. 

5. Install a Fireplace for Warmth and Class

Not only can fireplace warm up your home, it provides an efficient source of heat on a cozy night. Also, a bit of class and style can be added to the home.

6. Make use for Draft Stoppers

Draft stoppers keeps the heat in. Doors with a gap in the bottom are a major reason for heat loss. You can use a couple draft stoppers for blocking these openings. Draft stoppers can also be used to treat windows. 

7. Place the Radiator Judiciously

If you are using a radiator in your mobile estate, it’s important to place it in the coldest area of your mobile home. The most standard place for the radiator is under a window. Make sure to distance it from furniture and curtains. Also, placing a piece of plywood wrapped in tin foil behind the radiator is a good way of reflecting heat from the wall.

These are a few things that can help you keep your mobile home warm for winter. So before it starts snowing outside follow these steps to ensure a cozy winter! For any information regarding renting a mobile home feel free to reach out with any questions. 

Mobile Homes and the Famous

Mobile Homes and The Famous

When you think about mobile home parks in California, you typically think about cost effectiveness. The less you need, the less you spend, right? Well, these celebrities took on the mobile home trend in a big way. These are some of the celebs who grew up in mobile homes.. 

Kid Rock, Musician

Multi-platinum musician Kid Rock loves living in a mobile home. Living on the outskirts of Nashville, TN, it’s his pride and joy. The low maintenance that comes with his small home brought him peace that a mansion couldn’t give him. 

Brittney Spears, Singer

Brittney stayed at her Aunt’s mobile home/trailer park to stay away from her parents. Before becoming a super star she stayed with her Aunt.

Tom Shadyac, Director

His success as a Hollywood director didn’t change his love for mobile homes. Living in a mobile home has given him something millions of dollars couldn’t buy. His downsized home left him the freedom from distraction to think and find purpose. Tom is now enjoying the change of lifestyle.

Ryan Gosling, Actor

Ryan lived in a mobile home as a kid while in a big role on the mickey mouse clubhouse. Ryan’s divorced parents forced him to be a wage earner for both of his parents.

And Others

Eminem, Rapper

Rap artist Eminem came from humble beginnings. His family struggled with poverty for years, and he lived in a mobile home with his mother and brother.

Nia Peeples, Actress

Nia Peeples of Pretty Little Liars Lives in a mobile home by the beach. She came to realize mobile homes offered an opportunity for unique living space. Nia’s family decided to remove the heating and air conditioning and use their custom fireplace. Mobile Homes has its own special character and peace about it.

David Arquette, Actor

At one point, David lived in a malibu manufactured home. Two bedrooms and Two bathrooms. The deck provided a place to enjoy the breathtaking ocean views.

William Shatner, Actor

(William Shatner lived in a mobile home after Star Trek. He went off the air in 1969 and decided to live in a mobile home. After his divorce his lack of money led to him living in his car.)

Jim Carrey, Actor

Jim’s family lived in a mobile home for quite some time. After his dad lost his job Jim and his father lived out of a van before Jim Carrey’s major success.

Deion Sanders, Football

Football hall of famer Deion Sanders decides to vacation in a tiny home with it being the most incredible 600-foot home imaginable

Hollywood stars seem like they’ve been rich and successful their entire lives, no matter what their origins, these famous figures linked together by themes of hardwork and perseverance. Some stars currently live in mobile home facilities. There are luxurious Southern California mobile home parks located around Malibu California and Orange County that provide some of the best lifestyle advantages one could ask for. There are several mobile home parks in Brea, Ca which provide quality lifestyle advantages – all at an affordable cost. 

Not all forms of mobile home living are bad. Sometimes, mobile homes provide a safe and affordable alternative to living with a growing community of mobile home owners who really enjoy living in their mobile homes. The buildings are built and inspected and each one is counted for. 

How to Finance a Mobile Home

Are you interested in financing a mobile home for yourself to live in? Well, we hope to provide some valuable information on how to properly finance your mobile home. First, you must understand the basics of the procedure. 

Understanding Mobile Home Parks

Mobile Home Parks are pieces of land owned by an investor or mobile home park owner who rent the spaces on their land to residents who wish to live there. Typically, mobile home investors or owners will provide the residents with amenities such as community centers, pools, spas, banquet centers, playgrounds, etc.. 

Apart from the recreational activities that mobile homeowners or investors provide, they are also responsible for ensuring the sidewalks, roads, and all maintenance is kept up to date and in a safe manner. Mobile home investors or owners will usually hire a management officer or company to take control of the park day to day operations. Mobile home parks should be safe and affordable options for living. 

As a resident, you are bound to an agreement with your landlord called the MRL. This is the Mobile Home Residency Law which outlines the agreement between a landlord and residents in mobile home parks. You have several responsibilities and rules to follow when living in a mobile home park. The rules are more commonsensical and don’t stray far from more traditional home rental.

Financing a Mobile Home

When you are financing a mobile home for yourself it’s important to follow these rules:

  1. Understand Your Park. Look into the reviews, schedule tours, talk to the community, etc. 
  2. What can you afford? How much income are you making each month? Can you pay the mortgage and space rental fees each month for your particular park?
  3. Speak with Financiers. Speaking with loan companies, banks, and other financing options is necessary to acquire the appropriate funding you need. 
  4. Read your Documents. When entering into an agreement with a mobile home park or financier, make sure to read your documents and do your homework!!
  5. Close the Deal. Finally, close the deal and move into your new awesome mobile home park!

Follow our blog for more awesome updates! Thanks for tuning in and we hope to see you back.

How to Keep Your Mobile Home Cool in the Summer

We all know that the summer in California can get brutally hot. Even Fall, Winter, and Spring can provide heat similar to the summer. So, understanding how to cool your mobile home down is important. Especially while keeping it affordable! There are many ways to cool down a mobile home. Some solutions will require a little creativity, and others will just require a cheque book and your signature. Whatever option you choose, make sure it’s perfect for yours and your family’s needs. 

Imagine that you are having friends over for a day at the pool and spending all your time in the sun, only to come back to a warm mobile home. This doesn’t sound fun for anybody. Especially if you’re trying to keep your guests comfortable. If you are trying to avoid the heat of California, then here are some helpful tips to keep your mobile home cool in the summer. 

  1. Window film – One of the cheapest and easiest methods is to use window film on all the windows in the mobile home. Window film will help block out 70% of heat, and up to 99% of UV rays. Some window film appears dark on the outside to either provide a cool aesthetic to the home, or even keep out nosy neighbors.
  2. Roof Coating – Coating your roof not only helps out your mobile home, but it also helps the environment and your neighbors by trapping the surrounding heat. Obviously, this method is going to be much more expensive than window film, but it could be an excellent long term solution to blocking out the heat.
  3. AC – by either purchasing an AC unit only if your mobile home isn’t equipped with one currently, or turning your AC on during the day will help keep the hot air out. This is the most convenient method by far, but over time running your AC can rack up your utility bill. Especially if it’s turned on day and night. Installing an AC unit can run you from $2500 – $15,000. 

Whatever the size, budget, or climate of your mobile home is, there is always a solution for your cooling needs. Take a look at some of the low cost to high cost solutions and find the one that works best for you. Besides these three there are several other mobile homes cooling techniques and solutions which may benefit you even more. Speaking with your local management company is also wise to hear their thoughts and opinions.

Statistics of California Mobile Home Parks

The Basic Statistics of California Mobile Parks covered

If you’re interested in becoming a potential California Mobile homer owner, a property manager, or maybe just trying to gain a little insight as an investor, here are osme basic statistics that will help you understand the California Mobile Home Park industry a little bit better.

How many Mobile Home Parks exist in California?

Well, as of 2019 there are approximately 560,000 mobile homes in California. There’s about 5,900 mobile home parks in California that provide the space and necessities for the 560,000. In 1990 there was approximately 570,000 mobile homes in California so there has been a decrease in the actual number of mobile homes that exist. The numbers have been relatively similar since 1990 hovering from 550,000 to 590,000 mobile homes.

How many Residents?

As of 2019 there is approximately 13,000,000 residents who occupy the homes in the mobile home parks. The average rate of persons per household is 3. Mobile homes are relatively smaller, but they are a great place to remain close and comfortable with your family. The vacancy rate as of 2019 is 8%.

What’s the most expensive Mobile Home Park in California?

Well, not only is the Paradise Cove, Malibu mobile home park the most expensive in the state, it also is the expensive in the country – if not world. With a world record sale of $5,300,000 Paradise Cove has the most expensive mobile home sale of all time.

The property is a triple wide unit with beach access, a backyard over looking the ocean, wood paneled office, and many more incredible amenities. Malibu is an expensive and exclusive place so there’s no wonder how this property sold for over $5,000,000. Location, location, location!

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