Mobile Home Management Information

Are you interested in becoming a mobile home property manager?

So you’re getting ready to gear up for your next career or job and am considering becoming a property manager. Well, if you want to know the requirements for becoming a Property manager in California take a look at this blog which will have all the basic requirements:

We’re here to discuss what the job is actually like and the day to day operations. The basic rule is that better management = higher value. Higher value meaning it provides a better life for your residents, a better business venture for your investors and owners, and a higher quality level of job satisfaction. Running a mobile home park can be a hard task to do, but if you do it properly it can be quite an interesting career full of fun times.

The challenges of being a mobile home property manager usually revolve around dealing with the residents when rent is late, eviction notices, broken equipment in the community centers, and angry residents. Most people are good people, but we all know no one is perfect. Being honest, caring, and understanding of each issue will help to ensure these issues are minor and get resolved as fast as possible.

Being a mobile home property manager in California is often an emotional experience. These are the people’s lives, communities, safe havens, and when these are disturbed it can result in a terrible experience. Always understanding the resident is the number one thing to do. Speaking with them and communicating with them regularly will increase morale and help to avoid these kind of mistakes.

Basic Services of Mobile Home Property Management

SYSTEMATIZING everything that it takes to run your mobile home park.

* SETTING UP the Accounting Systems, Rent Rolls, Procedures, etc.

* HIRING, TRAINING & OVERSEEING the Onsite Manager & Staff

* COLLECTING RENTS, payroll & bills, collections & evictions (if needed)

* Provide MONTHLY STATEMENTS & usually Monthly Checks to the owners.

* Drafting & implementing a TURN-AROUND PLAN if the mobile home park is doing poorly.

*Repair and improve park conditions.

*Reduce slippage and stay consistent.

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