What Creates the Negative Stigma

Mobile homes have some of the most affordable housing in the world. You can get a lot of space with the purchase of your own mobile home which can rival the quality of stick built homes. Some people even prefer to look for trailer lots for rent but the majority of people stay far away. Why is this? Why do people prefer to spend money on stick built houses when you can get the same quality living in a mobile home that’s half the price. The answer is the stigma and how negative it is.

For starters, the name mobile home is one of the more known names of this type of housing. But one that is more known is trailers and trailer parks. When you think of trailer parks what is the first thing that comes to your mind? For most people they think of hillbillies, or people wearing old white tank tops smoking a cigarette. They think of drug dealers, parole veterans and other individuals that inhabit the 99%. This is understandable why this is the case because trailers were not always surrounded by the best people. When housing started becoming more affordable and families began to get more money trailer homes started to become less inhabited by the best of our country and more of people who are just getting by. Over the years as mobile homes became more and more upgraded it drastically changed and even our most affluent citizens live in mobile homes. But in the beginning that is what a lot of people saw and equated to bad people and trailer park citizens even had slang terms made up about them. Then this vision became mainstream as the media and movies began to sculpt characters in the same vein as this false vision of trailer park inhibitors. This narrative was pushed throughout the years as time went on but in the last few years things started to change.

As time moved on communities began to clean up their act and push their inhabitants to be better. Screening processes became more rigorous and it wasn’t as easy as just showing up with money. Also the use of mobile homes started changing where they turned back into the old form. Used as getaway homes and vacation spots. People started making small destinations out of their mobile homes and using things like AirBnB to sell them as anyone’s vacation rental. Then with the advancement in technology people began to downsizing buying these manufactured homes and putting the best appliances inside making them all they will ever need.

So yes, the stigma from long ago was real and is still around. Not every mobile home community is safe and filled with the best people but we can say the same about stick built neighborhoods as well. With innovators changing the way we live and the affluent downsizing and making the less is more phase real that stigma will surely go away. 

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