Mobile Homes and the Famous

Mobile Homes and The Famous

When you think about mobile home parks in California, you typically think about cost effectiveness. The less you need, the less you spend, right? Well, these celebrities took on the mobile home trend in a big way. These are some of the celebs who grew up in mobile homes.. 

Kid Rock, Musician

Multi-platinum musician Kid Rock loves living in a mobile home. Living on the outskirts of Nashville, TN, it’s his pride and joy. The low maintenance that comes with his small home brought him peace that a mansion couldn’t give him. 

Brittney Spears, Singer

Brittney stayed at her Aunt’s mobile home/trailer park to stay away from her parents. Before becoming a super star she stayed with her Aunt.

Tom Shadyac, Director

His success as a Hollywood director didn’t change his love for mobile homes. Living in a mobile home has given him something millions of dollars couldn’t buy. His downsized home left him the freedom from distraction to think and find purpose. Tom is now enjoying the change of lifestyle.

Ryan Gosling, Actor

Ryan lived in a mobile home as a kid while in a big role on the mickey mouse clubhouse. Ryan’s divorced parents forced him to be a wage earner for both of his parents.

And Others

Eminem, Rapper

Rap artist Eminem came from humble beginnings. His family struggled with poverty for years, and he lived in a mobile home with his mother and brother.

Nia Peeples, Actress

Nia Peeples of Pretty Little Liars Lives in a mobile home by the beach. She came to realize mobile homes offered an opportunity for unique living space. Nia’s family decided to remove the heating and air conditioning and use their custom fireplace. Mobile Homes has its own special character and peace about it.

David Arquette, Actor

At one point, David lived in a malibu manufactured home. Two bedrooms and Two bathrooms. The deck provided a place to enjoy the breathtaking ocean views.

William Shatner, Actor

(William Shatner lived in a mobile home after Star Trek. He went off the air in 1969 and decided to live in a mobile home. After his divorce his lack of money led to him living in his car.)

Jim Carrey, Actor

Jim’s family lived in a mobile home for quite some time. After his dad lost his job Jim and his father lived out of a van before Jim Carrey’s major success.

Deion Sanders, Football

Football hall of famer Deion Sanders decides to vacation in a tiny home with it being the most incredible 600-foot home imaginable

Hollywood stars seem like they’ve been rich and successful their entire lives, no matter what their origins, these famous figures linked together by themes of hardwork and perseverance. Some stars currently live in mobile home facilities. There are luxurious Southern California mobile home parks located around Malibu California and Orange County that provide some of the best lifestyle advantages one could ask for. There are several mobile home parks in Brea, Ca which provide quality lifestyle advantages – all at an affordable cost. 

Not all forms of mobile home living are bad. Sometimes, mobile homes provide a safe and affordable alternative to living with a growing community of mobile home owners who really enjoy living in their mobile homes. The buildings are built and inspected and each one is counted for. 

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