Keeping your Mobile Home Warm

How to keep your Mobile Home Warm in the winter

If you’re interested in living in a mobile estates mobile home park or mobile estates where it gets really cold in winter, here are some useful tips to ensure your mobile home will be comfortable and cozy when the nights get cold.

1. Work on the Insulation

All of the heating appliances and systems perform better when the house is fully insulated. Sealing the leaks in doors, windows, walls and floors should be a priority. Around 25 percent of heat is lost from the roof, this can be reduced by installing 25 centimeters of insulation.

2. Install Weatherproof Windows

Windows dissipate heat from the house, therefore, before winter arrives it’s recommended to weatherstrip the windows. Rubber, foam tape, and/or window films are popular weatherproofing solutions for mobile homes. Good double or triple glazing can help reduce heat loss by almost half. This can lower your electricity consumption required to power the heating appliances in your mobile home. 

3. Thermal Curtains 

After done with your window treatment, make use of shades, blinds, and shutters to prevent loss of heat through the windows. Curtains and blinds can help, thermal curtains are the best option for keeping the heat inside. Thermal curtains come cheaper as well as more luxurious with better-heavier fabric. 

5. Install a Fireplace for Warmth and Class

Not only can fireplace warm up your home, it provides an efficient source of heat on a cozy night. Also, a bit of class and style can be added to the home.

6. Make use for Draft Stoppers

Draft stoppers keeps the heat in. Doors with a gap in the bottom are a major reason for heat loss. You can use a couple draft stoppers for blocking these openings. Draft stoppers can also be used to treat windows. 

7. Place the Radiator Judiciously

If you are using a radiator in your mobile estate, it’s important to place it in the coldest area of your mobile home. The most standard place for the radiator is under a window. Make sure to distance it from furniture and curtains. Also, placing a piece of plywood wrapped in tin foil behind the radiator is a good way of reflecting heat from the wall.

These are a few things that can help you keep your mobile home warm for winter. So before it starts snowing outside follow these steps to ensure a cozy winter! For any information regarding renting a mobile home feel free to reach out with any questions. 

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