Statistics of California Mobile Home Parks

The Basic Statistics of California Mobile Parks covered

If you’re interested in becoming a potential California Mobile homer owner, a property manager, or maybe just trying to gain a little insight as an investor, here are osme basic statistics that will help you understand the California Mobile Home Park industry a little bit better.

How many Mobile Home Parks exist in California?

Well, as of 2019 there are approximately 560,000 mobile homes in California. There’s about 5,900 mobile home parks in California that provide the space and necessities for the 560,000. In 1990 there was approximately 570,000 mobile homes in California so there has been a decrease in the actual number of mobile homes that exist. The numbers have been relatively similar since 1990 hovering from 550,000 to 590,000 mobile homes.

How many Residents?

As of 2019 there is approximately 13,000,000 residents who occupy the homes in the mobile home parks. The average rate of persons per household is 3. Mobile homes are relatively smaller, but they are a great place to remain close and comfortable with your family. The vacancy rate as of 2019 is 8%.

What’s the most expensive Mobile Home Park in California?

Well, not only is the Paradise Cove, Malibu mobile home park the most expensive in the state, it also is the expensive in the country – if not world. With a world record sale of $5,300,000 Paradise Cove has the most expensive mobile home sale of all time.

The property is a triple wide unit with beach access, a backyard over looking the ocean, wood paneled office, and many more incredible amenities. Malibu is an expensive and exclusive place so there’s no wonder how this property sold for over $5,000,000. Location, location, location!

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